Barb and i had a revelation last night... and we think we might be the first to have thought of it...

Lucky charms is the perfect cereal for Pagans!!!

think about it, what does it have?

well, originally, it was

Clovers for earth (and plant magick/herbalism), moons for air (and astrology), stars for fire (and also astrology) and blue for water (diamonds could be stone magick or earth). Bear with me here, it's a tiny leap of faith at the start).

Then they added pink hearts (spirit) and purple horseshoes (animal magick).

NOW, they've got hearts, moons, stars, clovers, diamonds, horseshoes...


the oats are shaped like bells (tho i don't see books or candles!), fish (kind of like an ichthus, which may have been a later attempt to pacify xian cereal eaters), clovers and xes (again, to pacify the xiana). Actually, i just now noticed that they are the same basic shapes as CAT FOOD.

well, this is just wierd...just plain wierd...

for more on what's behind lucky charm's advertising, visit this random site i found through ask jeeves.