Deus Ex Machina

Just when it seemed all was lost,
You came from out of Nowhere.
Deus Ex Machina,
God from Machine,
Pulled me out of that fix.
Just in the nick of time.
Like it always is.
With friends like you,
Who could ask for anything more?
How lucky I am
To have found you now
When i needed something like A
Deus Ex Machina
When it's all falling down around our shoulders,
We'll rise above.
Or something like that.
At least, to struggle back to the level we were at before
But Never Fall. A
Deus Ex Machina
Could Never Fall.
Here He comes to save the day
Perhaps Noble was not the word
I meant to say.
Generous, to a fault perhaps
Caring, to a point almost like
Loving, although I ought to know better.
Not to say that it couldn't be.
©June 6, 1991. All Rights Reserved.