Thousands of Miles Away

Talked to you on the phone tonight,
Never thought i'd be so glad to hear somebody's voice.
Couldn't wait to hear you were alright.
Calling then couldn't have been a better choice.
I thought you wouldn't miss me, but i guess i was wrong,
Thought your feelings for me weren't quite that strong,
Thought you might not care once you were gone
But the love in your voicve made me write this song.

Didn't think you cared enough,
Thousands of miles away.
Didn't think you cared enough,
Cared enough to say
That you miss me.
Cause i miss you too.

Guess it's true what they always say,
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."
And the further you are away,
The less your heard will want to wander.

Didn't think i meant that much,
Thousands of miles away.
Didn't think i meant so much,
So much to make you say
That you miss me,
And baby, i miss you.
©July 12, 1991. All Rights Reserved.