my latest hair
my next tattoo
I want you... to stop taking pictures
Porn Stars
You know you've got it goin'on when a Porn Star like Ron Jeremy says you're sexy!

Isn't he dreamy?
More famous company!

Me at halloween, as Bad Andy. They thought i bought the costume, but i made it.
Unfortunately, i didn't win a prize because of that, or so i hear. i thought it was damn good.

Me and Prairie

Me and Jocelyn


This is me:


This is Orion, a.k.a. Ri, Handsome, Kitty-mon, Pukeymon:



This is Cassie, otherwise known as The Ween, Weenor, Fuzzbutt, Witchy:

Ween out of the bag

Ween in the bag

Ween looking pissed

This is me and Ween:

Me and Ween

This is me and Ri:

Me and Ri

This is me and my mom. Hi mom!

Me and mom

That's all you get! At least until mom uploads the rest of the digicam pictures... :P