Greetings and happy holidays! I expect that everyone is within a month of celebrating something, and here's one more thing to celebrate!

After a brief hiatus of self doubt, I have once again emerged courageous. As a result, I am joining some old friends on stage for the final performance of Prince of Darkness. For those of you who don't know what this is, we are the best cover band I have ever seen. We are Alice Cooper!

More specifically, Jeff is Alice, and we are his Minions. I, Kyttyn Black (aka buggsy, heather, that wierd chick), Nixie (aka Nicole Berard) and Miria, take the stage behind him for backing vocals and theatrics. There's blood. There's sex. There's absolute mayhem. To tell you any more would torture you with thoughts of hedonistic delight. But if you are curious, you can always consult the mysterious oracle.
Best of all, all this entertainment is within your reach! Now, some of you might expect a show with such theatrical excellence as this in Atlantic City, or Vegas! But now, ONE NIGHT ONLY, you can catch us LIVE ON STAGE in SOMERVILLE, MA! This performance will take place at the fabulous GOOD TIME EMPORIUM! That's right, you can get there early and play Pac Man! Doors to our show are at 9 pm, and we will be preceeded by our SPECIAL GUEST! This is such a secret, I don't even know who it is! The show is 21 plus, so don't bring the kids (it's a bit much for kids, what with all the gore and smut).
How much would you to pay for this miracle of modern entertainment? We dice, we slice, we smoke, we sin. Since there are no similar products to the Prince of Darkness, suffice it to say that you might expect to find this product in stores for as much as $99! But now, you can get the special advertised price, as seen on TV for only $10! That;s right, just $10! That means you can bring a date, straight from the ATM, as it's just TWO FOR TWENTY DOLLARS! How can you get these spectactular tickets, that E! magazine calls
"The hottest ticket in Somerville!"*
Just drop by The Good Time Emporium on Dec 13th (lucky 13 is a friday this year :)! Doors at 9, but feel free to come earlier and partake of the booze and video games! Or, better yet, buy ME a beer, because it never hurts to have a little extra courage up there! ;)
Don't forget, this is one night only! You will never get a chance to see this again! And we will be filming for a movie, we need a crowd of you rockstars! It will be worth your while, there is something for everyone (as if me in a white latex nurse's outfit isn't enough ;P!). For any other questions, check us out at, or write back.

Hope to see you ALL there - yes, this can be used as a chit to make up for skipping my birthday :P

9 pm, dec 13th (friday the 13th), $10, Goodtimes in somerville! be there!


*Well, not really, but that would be cool, wouldn't it?